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Repairing your vehicle at a QVR Certified Repairer means that the repairer meets high international standards and is committed to quality.

QVR is a proud partner of the CESVIMAP, a leading company in car safety testing and experiments.


The Quality Vehicle Repair (QVR) scheme has been set up by a number of insurers to help raise the standards of vehicle repairs in Malta.

The scheme is open to all MCCAA certified repairers who can apply to have their facilities inspected and classified by an international firm specialised in this area.

QVR certified repairers are graded and classified in accordance with the services they offer.

Articles & Media
MIRE Group launched new QVR website25.01.2017 - The QVR website will serve a multitude of purposes, including the easy search for car repairers who are QVR certified. Various functionalities will aid both QVR repairers and end users alike.